Chinese vehicles are indeed very similar to Soviet ones, but each vehicle always has a pair of characteristics that makes it a bit different to play than the 'original' ones from the USSR. If you think the 112 is like the IS-6 in green colour, you're in for a surprise!


Talking about armour, the 112 is literally very solid. It has simple sloped armour, without any special weak spots except the lower frontal plate – hide it, and your enemies will seriously struggle to penetrate your armour. Unlike Soviet heavy tanks, the armour isn't sloped horizontally, or in other words, it doesn't have a pike nose, allowing you to angle the armour much better. The turret is tough as well, but keep the cupolas on top in mind, as they are very weak.

The side armour is also very strong, which allows you to use side-scraping tactics. Be careful still; a penetrating shot will very likely damage your ammo rack, fuel tank, or other important modules. 

The 122 mm gun packs a massive punch and has a decent reload time as well, but the high dispersion and aiming time force you to brawl, otherwise you won't hit anything. Don't expect to hit any of those tiny weak spots, even in close combat. While the penetration value is enough for most Tier VIII vehicles, you'll often struggle against Tier IX vehicles.

Avoid fighting in hilly terrain. Your gun depression is not that great, and to hit your opponents, you would have to expose your weak lower frontal plate.

In case you're being matched against too heavily armoured opponents, either resort to HEAT ammunition or try to focus on lighter vehicles. If you think the latter choice is best for your team, go with your medium tanks. Your mobility allows you to keep up with most of them, and you can serve as the main force and lead the charge.


Recommended Setup

Hover your cursor over the images for more information on each piece of equipment.

The best choice for this vehicle is similar to the ones used by previous vehicles, so if you sold them, you can re-use their pieces of equipment. It aims to increase your potential damage per minute and make your gun more reliable by reducing the aiming time as well as dispersion penalties.

Because of the aforementioned characteristics, it makes the most sense to use this set of equipment. In close combat, every single shot counts, so reloading quicker and hitting more reliably is absolutely crucial for the 112.

Crew Skills


Very standard choice of crew skills. As with pretty much any vehicle, Repair is one of the most skills to have, since you'll be battling at the front and lose your tracks quite often. However, if you have serious issues with damage on your ammo rack, pick Safe Stowage as the first perk.

Sixth Sense

Shows a lightbulb three seconds after you've been spotted.

Works only if the skill progress has reached 100%.


Reduces the repair time of destroyed modules.

The higher the skill progress, the higher the effect.

Brothers in Arms

Increases the training level of your crew members by 5%.

Works only if the skill progress has reached 100% for every single crew member.

Snap Shot

Reduces the dispersion penalty of traversing the turret.

The higher the skill progress, the higher the effect.

Smooth Ride

Reduces the dispersion penalty while driving.

The higher the skill progress, the higher the effect.

Safe Stowage

Increases the durability of your vehicle's ammo rack.

Works only if the skill progress has reached 100%.