Jagdpanzer IV

The Jagdpanzer IV may be the successor of the StuG III Ausf. G in the tech tree, but it has a different playstyle, as it comes with a new bunch of strengths and weaknesses. This tank is underestimated by a lot of players, so if you manage to master this tank destroyer you can easily shift the odds in your favour.


If you've just purchased the Jagdpanzer IV after the StuG III Ausf. G, let's start with the aspects that didn't change. For one we have the armour, and while it might be stronger thanks to the better slope, it's still not enough to deflect incoming shots reliably. Also, the engine/transmission is located at the lower front; if you take a hit there, chances are high that your engine gets damaged or even destroyed. Unless it cannot be avoided, try not to get hit in the first place.

Its camouflage value is even better than the StuG's. Increase it further with the respective skills, equipment, and camouflage paint (if you wish). All this helps you stay invisible to your opponents. The view range improved as well but is still mediocre compared to other vehicles, which is why we recommend you mount a Binocular Telescope.

The top gun is the 8.8 cm Pak L/56, which features decent accuracy and damage per shot. The main strength though, is the high rate of fire, which also results in an amazing potential damage per minute. Depending on the vehicles you face, you can shoot twice or even three times while they need to reload. We recommend you focus on lighter-armoured vehicles because of the rather low penetration value.

Because the shell velocity of the 8.8 cm gun is pretty slow, hitting moving targets over long distances may be difficult. If necessary, get closer to the enemy but try to play a supportive role and use the rate of fire to your advantage. Don't lead the charge.


Recommended setup Alternative Setup

The recommended set of equipment increases both the potential damage per minute, the camouflage value, and the view range, which allows both an opportunistic and supportive play style. In case you like to play aggressively, the Improved Ventilation will grant you a small bonus to most of your combat parameters, especially the gun.

Crew Skills


Going for the Camouflage skill is crucial for the Jagdpanzer IV to fulfil its duties. Deadeye is a useful perk to have; it increases the chance of critical module damage, which is even more effective because of the Jagdpanzer IV's high rate of fire. Later on, if your crew has gained already a lot of experience, Brothers in Arms gives a nice boost to the vehicle's performance.