Once you get used to the gameplay of the Panther, the Tier VIII version is very much like the original, only better - of course. Just like all the vehicles of that line, the Panther II's main advantages are its high accuracy, paired with high penetration.


Looking at the Panther II's armour scheme, there isn't much it can boast with. Yes, it does have decent armour thickness but it's not angled enough to really deflect many shots. Its turret front is tougher but flat, and most well-aimed shots will punch through it. However, you can make it more difficult for the enemy to do so by keeping your vehicle in motion so many of their shots hit your extremely strong gun mantlet.

Because this vehicle is quite large, you can try and hide most of it by playing on hilly terrain. In those areas, you will only show your turret, making you a much smaller target.

While the top speed is quite respectable, you'll find it hard getting there; the Panther II is just too heavy for its engine. However, should you happen to be driving downhill, ramming your enemies is a viable option. 

The gun the Panther II is performing best with is the 8.8 cm KwK L/100. As mentioned above, its main strength is its accuracy, allowing you to hit your targets reliably from any distance. The aiming time and reload speed are fine too, but another great aspect is its penetration power, which means you can snipe and penetrate the enemy reliably

With this vehicle, we recommend you play as a conventional medium tank, sometimes supporting from the second line, in other situations you can try and take positions that allow you to pin down your targets from longer distances.


Recommended Setup

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The chosen pieces of equipment above correspond to the typical medium tank and are aimed to improve the rate of fire of the Panther II, as well as its stabilisation and view range, making it easier for you to spot enemy vehicles yourself. After all, your accurate gun can take them down quite easily.

Crew Skills

Radio Operator

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As for most vehicles, the Repair skill is the first you should go for, mainly to get the tracks back up faster, should they get destroyed. Other skills improve the gun stabilisation, the view range, and the ammo rack durability. Brothers in Arms gives an additional bonus to the vehicle's performance, which is always useful.