Livestream: World of Tanks Turns 7!


This week marks an incredibly important date for all of us – casuals and superunicums, solo and clan players, historical and funny camo aficionados, artillery and T95 commanders… all of you contributed to us reaching our 7th year of awesomeness and getting to celebrate being tankers, with things we all love, like #gudoz and a fun stream!

Happy 7th Anniversary – you guys are the best!

The stream takes place on 12 April at 17:00 CEST (UTC+2) – follow us on Twitch and Facebook to receive a notification when we go live!

Prepare to get showered with all kinds of #gudoz:

  • Seven Tier VII Premium vehicles
  • Coupons for the Wargaming Store
  • A brand-new World of Tanks branded Arozzi gaming chair
  • And loads of other birthday gifts!

Meet the entire World of Tanks Community team and check out some of their most recent battles, as well as their own take on them. See what they love about the game, what makes them tick, what we all have in common, and what being part of this awesome community means to them.


We’d love to have you there, so Roll Out and come celebrate with us!

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