Collect Extra Rewards With Battle Pass Discord Giveaways


Get ready for Battle Pass Season XI action on our Discord server. EU and NA players can participate in the code hunt and seize the opportunity to win incredible rewards.

Explore our Discord server where hidden codes await. But don't worry—we'll give you hints to help locate them. With one code you already get the chance to participate in a raffle to claim gold and days of WoT Premium Account. By finding all five codes, you get the chance to win a Tier VI vehicle!

What is Discord?
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Find the Codes

Available from July 21 at 14:00 CEST through July 31 at 14:00 CEST (UTC+2)

  1. Join our Discord server and choose your preferred language. Selecting a language is necessary to display the relevant Discord channels for you.

  1. Enter each code into our Discord bot in the #limited_chapter_giveaway channel. A text box will appear for you to paste the code into.
  2. Find the five codes that will be revealed on our Discord server. One code will be released every second day of the event (July 21, 23, 25, 27, and 31), along with hints to help you locate them.

Join the Raffle

  • Submit at least one correct code to be eligible for the general raffle, which gives you the chance to win 1,000 and 5 days of WoT Premium Account.
  • Successfully enter all five codes to participate in the grand raffle. The grand prize? A Premium or Collectors’ Tier VI vehicle of your choice from the selection below:

All players from Europe and America can participate. Three winners—split between the two regions—will receive 1,000 and 5 days of WoT Premium Account. One lucky winner will receive a Tier 6 Premium vehicle of their choice from a selection of options.

Winners will be announced on our Discord server, and the prizes will be credited to their accounts.

Don't miss out on this easy opportunity to win amazing rewards! Join our Discord server and stay tuned for hints and updates in the dedicated channels.

Roll Out!

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