This Friday: Buffon Live on Stream


This Friday, we're hosting a special stream with Kayi4ek and Sael from our Community Team, as well as a special guest, Gianluigi Buffon himself. Tune in at 21:00 CEST (UTC+2) for an exclusive interview with Buffon, some fun battles, and also a giveaway!


Make sure to follow these instructions to be able to win a prize:

On our stream, there will be a question that you will need to answer. Direct it to Kayi4ek personally in the game. If you're fast enough and your answer is correct, you'll be invited into a platoon with him to play three or four battles. Whoever achieves the highest damage combined (by you directly and your assistance) wins the main prize, and all other participants will receive a consolation prize.

Also, Gigi Buffon will be signing a football on stream – and you can win this exact one. How do you take part in this raffle? Watch our stream to find out!


Good luck and have fun!

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