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9.14 Community Contributor Spotlight

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Greetings Commanders!

Update 9.14 brings some long awaited changes to the game. Players will have access to the final version of the improved vehicle movement physics, which will not only make the game more realistic, but will also offer more tactical possibilities and make it even more fun to play with your heavy war machines. The sounds have also received a significant reworking, aimed at giving the players even more information about what is happening in the game, while also making the combat more atmospheric and immersive. As usual, the update also brings new HD models and tons of smaller changes, like personal reserves, changes to the battle loading screens and changes to the minimap, which will now show the vehicle draw distance, maximum view range and current view range - just to name a few.

Check out what our community Contributors had to say about the changes while trying them out on the Public Test server: