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Community Spotlight: Rhm. Skorpion G

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The Rhm. Skorpion G is the newest addition to the German Premium tank line-up, sporting a 128 mm gun in a fully traversable turret, mounted on top of a Panther chassis. And if that doesn’t sound cool enough, check out the two scorpions on its amazing paintjob! The Skorpion doesn’t have the armour or the turret-traverse to fight its enemies at close quarters, instead it likes to keep its prey at a distance while delivering a devastating 490 points of average alpha damage with every shot. Don’t let its size fool you, this vehicle has the mobility to pick and choose its battles and control the battlefield, never letting its enemies too close for comfort!

Still not sure how to approach the vehicle? Our team of dedicated contributors have prepared some in-depth videos that take a closer look at this new tank destroyer:











Roll out!