All You Need to Know About gamescom 2019


It's only about a week until gamescom is here, so it's about time to reveal what we have in store for you!

Booth Activities 

We never went to gamescom empty-handed and yet, we managed to top our booth game for this 2019 edition! But as many super-heavy tanks might have learnt, it's not always about size, although it helps to install the great activities you spotted in the video above! 

This year, meet us in Hall 8 and join Bootcamp, a brand-new and immersive experience we designed for all tankers, from the young rookie to the grizzled veteran. Complete its challenges, and you will receive your own personalized Tank Driving License, nicely complemented by a bonus code!

But that's not all! Like every year, you will also get your hands on great gaming stations and amazing goodies, such as a tote bag, a T-Shirt, and a pin, all inspired by Bootcamp, plus a welcome pack for the aspiring commanders out there!

Streaming Schedule 

There's little on Earth quite like gamescom, and of course, we'll share part of the fun with you thanks to these amazing streams, live from Cologne (all times below are CEST):






16:00 - 21:00

Streaming with Mailand, Zapfhan, thePhilX & Algo_24


15:00 - 19:00

with QuickyBaby, Echiddna & Eekeeboo


17:00  - 19:00

with NMS, Parim1331, Ala & Gepard_PH


14:00- 18:00

with Echiddna, WoT developers, Daki & Eekeeboo


13:00 - 16:00

with Raspberet & Actinid


14:00 - 20:00

Streaming with Algo_24, Zapfhan, Kreilo, L4nyMootality & thePhilX


But we won't just cover the event. Any great party deserves good gifts, and every day, we will give away great treats, such as:

Plus, just as promised, some talented contributors will also stream from the event, so make sure to keep an eye on your favourite channels for even more points of view on gamescom's news. QuickybabyMailand, Dakillzor, NewMultishowSwedishLadyC, Kreilo, L4ny, Ohare, Algo_24, Moerp and Mootality will be there!

By checking their content and ours, you will even be able to receive more rewards, including Personal Reserves, customization items, and Premium tanks. Just make sure to keep your eyes wide open to collect some hidden codes

  • Collect 10 codes for 1 garage slot and 1 German flag flying decal
  • Collect 20 codes for 1 "Made in Germany" Style
  • Collect 30 codes for 1 43 M. Toldi III and a grin decal
  • Collect 40 codes for 1 Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K, its 100% crew, garage slot and a winged skull decal

Social Media Giveaways

Make sure to follow every second from the latest edition of gamescom, and receive great rewards for it.

Followers Giveaway with MSI

Our dear partner MSI will make some lucky commanders win three Gungnir 100 PC cases, three MPG X570 AMD motherboards, as well as three Optix MAG271CQR curved monitors. To get a chance to win one of these brilliant prizes, it's simple: just register through the link below, but remember to check the rules and conditions of eligibility as well.

#WorldofTanks Giveaway

This year is a special one, as we will celebrate both gamescom and the newly introduced Tank Festival at the same time! So share your best photos, screenshots or memes related to one or both of these events by using the hashtag #worldoftanks, complimented by #gamescom2019 and/or #tankfestival. Just make sure to mention your in-game nickname in your post, and we will randomly choose 10 lucky commanders to receive a great Tier VIII tank

Registration and submissions for both of these rewards are now open and will stop on 25 August.

Heavy Metal

Oh, and one last thing: the outstanding group Sabaton will be back at gamescom for the third time, playing at our booth on Wednesday 21 August at 19:00 CEST. This is your chance to hear the new songs from their latest album, The Great War, which starts with a song, well... about tanks. So get ready for some heavy metal!

Exclusive Offers

If you're planning to go to gamescom this year, make sure to say 'hi' to our store at booth A-011 in Hall 5.2. We will be fully stocked with best-selling World of Tanks gear, but also new releases! Even better, you will receive an exclusive gamescom small gift for every cart over € 20. How about a cute Panther plush? A new backpack before returning to school? Or even a Sabaton T-Shirt for the late summer festivals? Trust us, you'll find something of your taste at this booth!

And if you're not going to visit this year, don't worry! You will be able to enjoy nice discounts and get your hands on new collectibles from the comfort of your home, with special deals on all German gear! Take a look at them with the link below.


*which means "window shopping" in Goethe's beautiful language, as everyone knows!


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