Mod Hub Spotlight—Raise Your Game With Our Favorites


World of Tanks has an incredible and diverse community with seemingly infinite creativity and ingenuity. You develop many great mods that enhance the game and give players new experiences, and Mod Hub is our official platform for sharing and finding these modifications. It's the safest place to download various mods for World of Tanks, as all mods get approved by us, so you don't need to worry about policy violations.

We've put together a list of our favorite mods we think you should check out, and highlighted mods that have inspired subsequent in-game features. You'll be surprised by what your fellow commanders have come up with!

Our Favorite Picks

Aslain's WoT Modpack

Mod pack—Available here

This mod pack is the most popular download on Mod Hub and a staple of the WoT modding community. Every player should find it helpful, bringing the option to customize an incredible number of UI, HUD, model, Garage, and audio elements, including:

  • Marks of Excellence Calculator

    This mod displays how much damage is needed to earn Marks of Excellence and is updated during battle.
  • Night Sky

    This mod sets the battlefield environment to nighttime.
  • Replays Manager

    This mod allows you to manage your game replays directly within the game.
  • Battle Hits Viewer

    This mod allows you to visually review your fired and received shots after a battle.
  • Armor Inspector

    This mod allows you to inspect the armor model of a given tank.
  • Tank Carousel

    This mod expands the carousel of tanks in the Garage.

OldSkool's ProMod

Mod pack—Available here

This mod pack brings the option to customize UI and HUD elements, as well as audio cues and more. It provides many enhancements to gameplay, including the ability to increase the magnification in sniper mode.

Tactical Battle Minimaps

Minimap customizer—Available here

This mod allows you to overlay the standard minimap with tactical information for tank classes and build your own custom minimap with various elements. While the highlighted positions might not be suitable for every battle, the tool serves as a great guide for newer players and can help more experienced players develop their tactics.

Damage Panels

Visual mod—Available here

This mod adds new damage panels and an angle indicator to the battle interface, making it easier for players to improve their angling and positioning. Angling is a key game mechanic, and this mod should be useful to all players.

EBR 105 | Need for Speed

Visual mod—Available here

This mod replaces the default EBR 105 model with a sporty street racer. If you have a desire for acceleration, this sleek addition is a must-have!

Each mod has its own installation instructions, which can be found on its dedicated Mod Hub page.

All Mod Hub downloads have been approved by Wargaming, making the platform the safest place to download mods for World of Tanks.

From Mod to Feature

The most popular mods tweak or add-on elements to World of Tanks that ultimately enhance the battlefield experience. It doesn't come as a surprise then that some have made their way into the game as official features, albeit with modifications of their own.

One such feature that started out as a mod is the ability to change view mode while commanding SPGs. As regular vehicles have sniper mode, the self-propelled guns have artillery mode, which can be useful for identifying obstructions while aiming at targets.

The minimap's view range circle also began its life as a mod and now helps commanders understand how far they can expect to see on the battlefield.

Discover all the featured mods and many more at Mod Hub. Enhance and customize a vast number of in-game elements to suit your tastes. You can even submit your own mods if you have a brilliant concept and feel inspired!


Share your favorites on the forum and Discord, and let us know what mods you'd like to see implemented into the game.

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