Create Your Best Movie Title with our New Contest

Update 30/11: Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest and congratulation to winners! Check them out in the list below! We will send you your prizes as soon as possible!

Winners List


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  • TOG II*: Jakralj98
  • Dicker Max: OAA11
  • 30 Premium Days: miskobac


  • TOG II*: danisamu68
  • Dicker Max: FetteKelle
  • 30 Premium Days: Arash25


  • TOG II*: EdStafford
  • Dicker Max: Sebeszyn007
  • 30 Premium Days: GetFoched


  • TOG II*: rip41
  • Dicker Max: Korih0r
  • 30 Premium Days: even007


  • TOG II*: ABlack 
  • Dicker Max: Smitinho
  • 30 Premium Days: AlexWolf28

You've settled down and are sat comfortably in your favourite cinema seat with a bucket of popcorn at your side. The trailers are over. The lights in the room are dimming. The movie is starting finally, and it features tanks!

For our newest community contest, we've decided to pay our respects to Hollywood and movies in general. Join us in this celebration with a simple challenge: create the best movie title!

How to Participate

The rules are simple: you only need to post a movie title which features at least one tank name. But careful, this tank needs to be available in World of Tanks PC. If you need some inspiration, just take a look at our TOGTANIC above! Oh, by the way, the TOG II*, now on sale, seems perfect for this exercise: Reservoir TOGs, Back TOG the Future II*... The possibilities are endless.

Just make sure to post your title, teaser, or poster in one of the following channels between now and 22 November at 18:00 CET (UTC+1)!

Important: only one submission per player, but you can use the same submission ONCE in each SM channel! That's more chances to win!

What Can You Win?

Of course, a contest is only good as its prizes. Here is what we have up for grabs for you:

These three rewards will be up for grabs on each of our social media channels and their winners will be selected randomly among all valid submissions.

Note that the winners will get their in-game rewards within a week of the contest's end.

Best of luck to you all, Commanders!


Lights, camera, action, and roll out!

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