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Clan spotlight - Specialist Global Tank Academy

Greetings Commanders,

This month’s Clan Spotlight focuses on clan SGTA — a large training clan, dedicated to teaching players how to play World of Tanks for the last 4 years.

Clan SGTA is a bit different from other clans previously showcased on the Clan Spotlight, in that its main purpose is to educate players on how to improve their tanking skills. The clan is made up of players from elite EU Clans, such as Kazna and Ideal, as well as former SGTA students.  They have an extensive year-round curriculum and have even written a guide book on World of Tanks, entitled the Tanker’s Handbook.

The clan has wide community support, as evidenced by the many forum members—Wargaming staff included—that can be seen sporting “SGTA Supporter” badges in their signature. We at Wargaming also have a long-standing relationship with the clan, and are always appreciative of their contributions to the WoT Community.

If you’re interested in either improving your tanking skills or would like to join SGTA to share your knowledge, simply click here to apply!