Tank Festival Contest 2019: the Final, Live on Stream!

Update 10/09: We have some winners! If you're among them, we will soon contact you. Thanks for your epic replays, commanders, and see you soon for more contests.

Winners List


Laptop Winner

Congratulations, Sanqinioryou won the Area-51m gaming laptop worth over $5,000!

Skoda T 27 Replay Winners

  • masternoob089
  • _CJ
  • The_Joker079
  • NaKeD19
  • Panzerfighter_
  • xXx_Pro_Gold_Spammer_xXx
  • Sanqinior
  • blackangel4ever
  • majsta
  • maratonac

Skoda T 27 Random Winners

  • TheBlackLister
  • Frechprince
  • Taudlitz
  • m4dm4n123
  • WildHuntress
  • Jesus_Is_Th3_Solution_xD
  • Gothicspike
  • mr_Dyrcio
  • krupis1989
  • MajorMirda


Last month, we announced one hell of a competition as part of the Tank Festival, which allowed you to win big by sharing your craziest or funniest moments on the battlefield. All you had to do was send us your best replays, and over the last few weeks, we’ve seen more than 5,385 replays of over 2,505 unique players.

But now it’s time for the top 10 to take their place and be showcased in the live-streamed final. Who wins? You decide! Everyone watching the stream will be able to vote for their favourite, so your vote might prove to be valuable in crowning the winner! Watch it live on Twitch on 7 September from 15:00 to 19:00 CEST (UTC+2), with hosts Eekeeboo and LemmingRush.

What’s up for grabs? Let’s have a quick reminder of the prizes:

  • 1st place: A top-of-the-range Alienware Area-51m gaming laptop worth over $5,000
  • 2nd to 10th places: The Škoda T 27, a Tier VIII Czechoslovakian Premium medium tank, and the exclusive "Jan Žižka" style

But that’s not all!

  • 10 randomly selected participants (outside the top 10) will be lucky and get the Škoda T 27 and the exclusive “Jan Žižka” style too
  • And everyone’s a winner as every participant will be rewarded with the Emblem 9

Throughout the stream, our hosts will discuss and run through the best 10 replays from the competition as selected by the jury. And finally, at the end of the stream, the winner will be crowned!


So, come join us and discover the top 10!

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