Be part of Team Night XL #6

Hello commanders!

It is going to happen again on 12 October. One of the biggest, if not the biggest online event of the German World of Tanks community is back for its sixth edition - the Team Night XL! Mark your calendars and make sure to drop by, because in addition to a boat load of fun, heaps of prizes will be waiting for you! Of course, a lot of well-known streamers will participate as well and will roll into battle alongside you. You don’t want to miss out on this!

The event in a nutshell!

  • When will the next TNXL take place? Saturday, 12 October, from 07:00 PM (UTC+2)!
  • How can you join? Just join the TNXL Teamspeak server on the day of the event:
  • What will be played? Stronghold battles at Tier VI, VIII and X.
  • What can you win? In addition to bonus codes and in-game goodies, there will be a chance to win some physical prizes. More info at the end of the article.
  • Who is playing? Everyone who enjoys World of Tanks and wants to meet old and new players. In additon, the following streames have announced their participation so far:

Also, our Community Managers thePhilX and Zapfhan won’t miss out on this opportunity to stop by the Teamspeak server and roll into some battles, as well!

The Team Night is a free event created by the community for the community. It is supported by and World of Tanks with prizes. Additionally, we are excited to have Wargaming Store and Cooler Master as sponsors.

In addition to in-game goodies, the following prizes are up for grabs:


 3x 1 MasterCase H500P Mesh Gun Metal by Cooler Master

 1 WG-Store voucher for 3 products (World of Tanks-Signature Hoodie, World of Tanks T-Shirt 'German Colors', World of Tanks 3D Silver Keychain)

All further information about the event can also be found on the official Team Night XL website.

A mod for one night

Do you want to give your game the right flair for the Team Night XL and put yourself in the perfect mood for the evening? Download the official TNXL Mod that turns every inscription (including the ones on styles like gamescom 2018) into the TNXL Logo.


How to use the mod:

  • Download the mod and extract it
  • Copy the TNXL_replacer.wotmod file into the current mod subfolder of your World of Tanks installation. Currently \mods\ but keep in mind that the next update will happen before the TNXL.
  • Start your game and equip a tank of your choice with an inscription.


Roll out!

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