Showcase Your Skills and Gain Glory!


Have you ever wanted to show your most unbelievable and entertaining tank clashes to the world? This is exactly what the Tank Festival 2019 Contest is about! Send us your best replays for a chance to win the Grand Prize, a top-tier gaming laptop, and other rewards. 

How It Works

To participate in the contest, submit your epic replay using your Wargaming ID account via

Show us your best performance, and mark your submission with "Tank Festival" in the title and reference the server you're playing on in the description. Together with known streamers, we’ll select the ten best performing replays with outstanding gameplay per cluster and then let the community vote for a winner during the Final Live Stream on 7 September 2019 via the Twitch platform. The Grand Prize – a powerful gaming laptop – will go to the top contestant with the most outstanding replay.

Both finalists and random contestants who didn’t win the grand prize will earn the mighty Škoda T 27, a brand-new Tier VIII Czechoslovak Premium tank, and Jan Žižka special style.

But wait, there’s more! Regardless of your success in the contest, you will be rewarded for your zeal and participation with a pleasant recognition prize, an Emblem for one of your vehicles. No one will leave the battlefield unrewarded!  

Pay attention!

  • We appreciate your love for World of Tanks, but your replay must show performance only in Random battles and the Frontline mode.
  • You may upload several replays, but only the replays with the best performance may be selected.
  • Only replays created from August 7th to September 1st, 2019 inclusively will be accepted and eligible for jury review and the Final Live Stream.

Enter the contest and show off your best gameplay. It’s your time to shine!

Roll out!

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