Watch the Best of the Best in the MillionPugs WoT7 Finals

OPUR are the champions!

Congratulations to our victors, MVP, and Prediction Contest winner. And thanks again to MillionPugs for sponsoring the event and the prize pool! Sign up for the next WoT7 tournament for your chance to claim glory and rewards!

  • OPUR are the winners.
  • KECAJ_ was the Most Valuable Player.
  • BuchiBuchi won the Prediction Contest, scoring 10 out of a possible 15 points.

MillionPugs WoT7 Tournament Finals

June 17–18 at 16:00 CEST (UTC+2)




Get ready for a fun-filled and action-packed weekend packed with thrilling tank battles and epic fights for cash rewards. Tune in to the MillionPugs WoT7 finals and cheer for the top teams!

We've laid on live expert commentary to guide you through the weekend on the official World of Tanks Twitch channel and selected Community Contributor channels. Watch for four hours to catch a Mystery Drop that can include customizations, one day of WoT Premium Account, and even the VIII AMX Canon d'assaut 105 or the VIII T26E4 SuperPershing !

MillionPugs gets you World of Tanks gold, Premium tanks, and days of Premium Account when you use their browser extension. Install MillionPugs today, and start earning free in-game content for World of Tanks!

The MillionPugs browser extension is partnered with 20,000+ popular brands to automatically bundle free gaming rewards into every online purchase. Each time you buy something from an online retailer with the MillionPugs browser extension, you will earn pugs™, which you can exchange for in-game rewards.

Check out for more details.

Watch the Finals Live

Tune in to the official English World of Tanks Twitch channel on June 17–18 at 16:00 CEST (UTC+2) to get all the analysis and insights from our team of experts. Pick up some pro tips to help you in your battles as you follow the action, and earn Twitch Drops the longer you watch! Just make sure to link your Wargaming and Twitch accounts.

Commentators Analysts
Keyhand Dakillzor Insane_BTW Toxic_HDL


Several Community Contributors will also cover the event and guide you through the battles if you'd prefer to watch the finals in your native language.

Twitch Drops

Whether you're enjoying the MillionPugs WoT7 finals in comfort or you're on the edge of your seat, you can earn Twitch Drops by watching the official English World of Tanks Twitch channel or any of the regional commentators listed above.

Drops will be split across two days, so make sure to check the times below to see which easy rewards you can pick up and when. It's simple: the longer you watch, the more Twitch Drops you'll receive!

Guaranteed Drops

Available from June 17 from 16:00 CEST through June 18 at 23:59 CEST (UTC+2)

After 90 minutes:

  • 3 Pug decals

After 150 minutes:

  • 5 Tokens

Mystery Drops

Only available on June 18 from 16:00 CEST through 23:59 CEST (UTC+2)

After 240 minutes, one of the following:

Finals Participants







Predict the Winner

Have your say and predict which team will take the WoT7 throne! The commanders with the most correct predictions will receive a Tier VIII Premium vehicle. Additionally, 10 randomly selected tank commanders with at least one correct prediction will receive the stunning Fan of Clan Tournaments 2D style. Try your luck now!



Take a look at the breakdown of all the team rewards you can earn! We would like to extend special thanks to our partner and event sponsor, MillionPugs, for the incredible prize pool.

1st place

250,000 + 50,000 + €4,000

2nd place

125,000 + 40,000 + €2,000

3rd place 100,000 + 25,000
4th place 75,000 + 25,000
5th and 6th places 50,000 + 15,000
7th and 8th places 25,000 + 9,000

Tune in to our official English World of Tanks Twitch channel for the MillionPugs WoT7 finals this weekend. They promise plenty of action and great Twitch Drops, including Premium vehicles!

Roll Out!

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