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Developers’ Blog: the Battle of Kursk

There isn’t a single point of view on the battle of Kursk and namely the tank battle near Prokhorovka that took place on July 12th 1943. The most recent blog article reveals details of those tragic and heroic times.

“While mentioning the Battle of Kursk in front of most people immediately appear well known newsreel with attacking tank spearheads with infantry support and flying at low level IL-2 attack aircrafts. Huge number of scientific and journalistic publications and research works were written. A lot of popular-science and costume drama films about the Battle of Kursk Salient were created. All these materials have firmly ingrained in the public mind the association of the battles near Prokhorovka with the tank battle of July 12. And each research work gives to us the number of armored units and their qualitative characteristics, battle losses of armored vehicles, as well as the number of repaired vehicles (incredible efforts of field repair teams) but each work disregards the fact that in the end it was people who won the battle,” you will read in the blog.

Check it out for more info.