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Operation Husky. UPDATE. 28/07

Operation Husky special is dedicated to the events that were going on from July 9th to August 17th 1943 when the Allied forces invaded Sicily.

The following offers are available till 8:00 AM UTC August 1: We have also taken care of the crews. You will be able to purchase additional bunks for the crew barracks 50% cheaper.  For only 100 gold you can purchase, train, or retrain any crew member to 100% primary skill, which means that the price is also halved!

For more information on tank crew, its skills and training please read here


UPD. 28/07 Dear Players! We are happy to announce the surprise promised! Within the frames of Husky Operation Special until July 29th 05:30 UTC all types of premium accounts can be purchased with a 28% discount.

 WOT team has prepared special that would involve the following vehicles:  T-28, T-34, Pz IV Ausf H, Stug-III Ausf F, M4 Sherman and M10 Wolverine.

Using any of the vehicles mentioned above on July 28-29 you will have your credit income doubled.

Willing to obtain one of them (Т-28, Т-34, М10 Wolverine, M4 Sherman, Pz IV or Stug-III) you will be glad to know that their price in credits will be halved during the special.

Operation Husky Special will be available starting July 28th after the scheduled server restart (5:00 UTC) up till the scheduled server restart on July 29th at 5:00 UTC.

More surprises regarding the memorable event are coming. Follow the updates!