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Ural Steel. Final Cut

World of Tanks team presents you the final photo essay, dedicated to Grand Finals of the international Ural Steel Championship. The new blog post depicts doings, which happened during all three days of players being in Moscow. Thus, you read about Ural Steel Championship preparations and events held on second and third day spent in Moscow. This time you can view more pics taken at the tempting Championship and recall best moments of it.

"Immediately upon arrival most players went for sightseeing in Moscow. In four hours they visited Hill of Respectful Salutation, Red Square and the Vorobyovy Hills. And surely, players did not skip a single inch of picturesque places, shooting all things they could see.

An interesting aspect I would like to point out is that all Ural Steel participants stayed in the same hotel; however they all coexisted in peace helping each other greatly and sharing all they had! To cut it short, there were no cases of offense or insult and all World of Tanks tankers lived like a complete union of nations."

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