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In the Wake of Tankfest

Tankfest. Evolution was held from 25th to 26th June in the tank museum in Bovington, Dorset (England). The museum is famous for its annual tank show that includes the world’s finest display of historic moving armour, the Living History Encampments, the World War II Mock Battles featuring real representatives of the British Army.

The list of vehicles to be presented at the fest was truly enviable. For the first time the visitors and amateurs of the Tankfest could see with their own eyes Churchill Infantry Tank, AMX 30 B2 Main Battle Tank, M74 (Sherman) Armoured Recovery Vehicle, Grizzly MkI (M4A1 Medium Tank). In addition there were quite a few interesting samples to check out that are always available on display such as Jagd Kanonon Tank Destroyer, Leopard 1 C2 MBT, Valentine Mk IX Infantry Tank, Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf L (Panzer III) and lots of others.

However this year special was the booth dedicated to tanks, though not real ones… World of Tanks team brought a jolt of fresh air to Bovington Tankfest 2011. Despite the booth’s being relatively modest, there was hardly a person who could resist the temptation to have a go on a tier 10 vehicle for free. Plus, the devs were treating visitors to brand-name souvenirs.

The first day of the festival was busy for WOT booth. The computers offering to try out a random battle to anyone were never free. And from time to time players had to queue! There were parents with small kids and seniors, soldiers of the armed forces and soldiers of WOT battlefields including players from  G4G Penetrators, Angels of Death, Bulldogs, [ITWAT] and other clans.

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