Last Chance: Claim Your Well-Deserved Reward From 2022!


The Well-Deserved Reward is a yearly token of gratitude to World of Tanks players, given in recognition of your dedication to the game. If you haven’t yet, claim your reward from 2022 now: You don’t want to miss out on those goodies!

Tell Your Friends

Do you have friends you rarely see in the game? Remind them there’s lots of good stuff to gain irrespective of their years of service.

  • Everyone who joined the game before January 1, 2023 is eligible to receive goodies that include days of WoT Premium Account, a Universal Manual, and Personal Reserves.
  • Players who started in 2021 or before get a nice helping of credits, bonds, and more.
  • Those who began in 2018 or earlier are given a set of five Tier V–VII Premium vehicles in addition to all of the above, plus more depending on the year they enlisted.

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Make Sure You’ve Spent Your Tokens

In 2022, everyone with over a year of service received Tokens as part of the Well-Deserved Reward. Visit the special section of the in-game Store to exchange Tokens for:

  • 3D styles
  • Premium Account
  • A universal crew member
  • Improved Equipment
  • Bonds and credits
  • Crew Books
  • And more!

Make Haste!

Make sure you’ve collected your Well-Deserved Reward and spent all your Tokens from 2022. Tokens will disappear on November 30, 2023 at 4:00 CET (UTC+1)!

Prepare for the New Reward!

The new Well-Deserved Reward arrives on November 30, 2023 so expect more details soon.

Thank you once again for playing World of Tanks. See you in battle!

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