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World of Tanks Invades Los Angeles

Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), which takes place in Los Angeles Convention Center from June 7th till 9th, is surely going to be one of the brightest events of the year. has already arrived in LA, bringing a bunch of fascinating surprises. Just a few hours remaining before Tanks Invasion...

German Tank Destroyer Hetzer is an excellent ambush tank and a decent sniper, while being able to sustain a surprising amount of damage: provided you can keep the enemy in front of you. presents the first video featuring a REAL Hetzer tank, which is on its way to Los Angeles!

Hetzer's gonna Hetz!

Check it out!

The first tank from WoT platoon is to be accompanied by two even more famous mates soon. Do not waste your time and use this truly unique opportunity to touch the steel monsters! The access to some vehicles will be free and after having enjoyed the scale and gracefulness of the parade, everybody will get a chance to capture this unique historical moment with their cameras!

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