Battle Pass Season IX: Get to Know the Core Vehicles


The stars of Battle Pass Season IX are the X 60TP Lewandowskiego , the X Progetto M40 mod. 65 , and X AMX 13 105 . As the latest Season's three Core Vehicles, they each have their own progressive 3D styles, can earn 300 more Battle Pass Points than other Tier X vehicles, and earn more Points per battle than other vehicles, even if you draw or lose.

September's Top of the Tree special also features the 60TP Lewandowskiego and AMX 13 105. Make your way up their respective lines with the help of credit discounts and missions until October 5 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2). It's the perfect opportunity to unlock two formidable Tech Tree branches. Plus, you'll pick up a load of Battle Pass Points along the way!

These three headliners have a lot going for them, so check them out below, learn about their lines, and pick up a few tips for dominating the battlefield with them!

  • 60TP Lewandowskiego
  • Progetto M40 mod. 65
  • AMX 13 105

60TP Lewandowskiego

The X 60TP Lewandowskiego is the culmination of a strong line that signified the introduction of Polish tanks to the game. It features light, medium, and heavy tanks that trade mobility for armor and firepower as it progresses, with all vehicles in the line having above-average damage for their tier.

Combining raw firepower and strong survivability, the Tier X tank is a hard hitter capable of out-trading most enemies. Its gun causes 750/750/950 HP of damage per shot and has 250/317/90 mm of penetration with –8 degrees of gun depression for taking advantage of hull-down positions. Such spots make the most of the 260 mm thick turret armor and resilient upper glacis armor to protect the massive 2,600 HP.

Out of the three Core Vehicle lines, this is our pick for new players and players looking to improve their game. The tanks are forgiving of mistakes and ideal for learning mechanics.

Polish Heavy Tank Line

I 4TP   Tiers I–IV are light tanks with poor armor, average mobility, and generally good guns for the class and their respective tiers.
II 7TP  
III 10TP  
IV 14TP  
V 25TP KSUST II   Tiers V and VI are medium tanks that retain some of the mobility of their light tank predecessors. They both have good guns, while the armor improves at Tier VI.
VI 40TP Habicha  
VII 45TP Habicha   Tier VII is the first heavy in the line. It's well armored and has a good gun, but it can be cumbersome thanks to its bulk.
VIII 53TP Markowskiego   Tier VIII is a direct upgrade to its predecessor, receiving better armor and a better gun with 420 HP of damage per shot.
IX 50TP Tyszkiewicza   Tier IX uses a completely different armor layout to the earlier tiers, with a smaller hull and a strong, larger turret. Its top average damage per shot is increased to 560.
X 60TP Lewandowskiego   Tier X has very resilient armor and a gun with 750 HP of damage per shot, the second strongest of its tier.

Top Tips for the 60TP Lewandowskiego

  • Be bold in search of opportunities, but don't get overconfident. The tank's armor is very reliable but not invincible.
  • Surround yourself with allies that can help you finish off enemies. The gun packs a huge punch but fires slowly.
  • It has a great selection of shells. The HE shells are strong enough to reliably penetrate most lightly armored vehicles.
  • Keep the turret facing the enemy. While the front is tough, the turret's side armor can easily be penetrated.

Progetto M40 mod. 65

The X Progetto M40 mod. 65 's line was the first to feature Italian tanks in the game. Its vehicles are fast movers and fast shooters from Tier VIII onwards thanks to their special autorealoader magazine mechanic. Autoreloaders and great gun depression make the line flexible but also one of the hardest to master, with shell management a top priority.

The line's Tier X has plenty of potential, especially in its gun with 360/360/440 HP of damage per shot and strong burst damage. Its standard shells have excellent velocity for hitting moving targets, while its 268/330/105 mm of penetration can compete with most enemy armor. Comparatively, the vehicle's own armor is weak—except for the upper glacis plate that is well sloped—and is best played hull-down.

Italian Medium Tank Line

I Fiat 3000   Tiers I–V feature gradual upgrades to armor, firepower, and mobility. They are fairly well balanced and have a similar playstyle.
II M14/41  
III M15/42  
IV P26/40  
V P.43  
VI P.43 bis   Tier VI signifies a change in the line, with greater focus given to speed over firepower, which doesn't improve much.
VII P.43 ter   Tier VII is a slight upgrade to the previous tier with better damage, speed, and armor.
VIII P.44 Pantera   Tier VIII is the first to feature an autoreloader. It defines the rest of the line with greater speed and an emphasis on flexibility over single-shot firepower.
IX Prototipo Standard B   Tier IX further trades armor for firepower, inheriting a powerful gun capable of causing 1,080 HP of damage from a full magazine.
X Progetto M40 mod. 65   Tier X receives an additional 4th shell in the autoreloader for greater damage potential. It is a clear improvement over Tier IX.

Top Tips for the Progetto M40 mod. 65

  • Avoid the front line. This tank plays best as a support with its thin armor far from enemy eyes.
  • Be flexible. The tank is fast, relatively stealthy, and can cause serious burst damage to unsuspecting enemies.
  • Plan ahead and outsmart enemies. Shell management is key to not getting caught out and can also be used to surprise opponents.
  • Use the last shell to destroy enemies. Don't get caught with an empty magazine.

AMX 13 105

The X AMX 13 105 tops a line of small tanks that swaps early armor for speed as it progresses. At Tier VI, the vehicles get autoloaders for harassing opponents, and the AMX 13 105 is the only light tank of its tier to sport the mechanism. With plenty of versatility, these tanks are great for hiding and spotting, or for quickly punishing enemies with their burst damage.

Making the most of the Tier X tank's 68 km/h top speed and excellent camouflage values is crucial for taking advanced positions and spotting opponents with its 390 m view range. When in a pinch (or feeling aggressive), unleash the autoloader with 390 HP of damage per shot—it's capable of causing 1,170 burst damage in six seconds.

French Light Tank Line

I Renault FT   Tiers I–IV are slow for light tanks, with armor and mobility belonging to medium and heavy tanks.
II FCM 36  
III AMX 38  
IV AMX 40  
V AMX ELC bis   Tier V is a fan favorite with a small silhouette, strong mobility, and a great choice of guns. It can boast good DPM or high damage per shot, depending on the chosen module.
VI AMX 12 t   Tiers VI–IX are small tanks with autoloaders. They have great mobility and receive gradual improvements as the tiers progress.
VII AMX 13 75  
VIII Bat.-Châtillon 12 t  
IX AMX 13 90  
X AMX 13 105   Tier X combines passive spotting with offensive damage dealing, receiving a much-improved 390 HP of damage per shot and better HP.

Top Tips for the AMX 13 105

  • Utilize the tank's speed. Catch enemies crossing open areas, or take advantageous positions early in the game.
  • Find the opportune moment to flank enemies. Combine speed and burst damage to get behind enemy lines and destroy unsuspecting opponents.
  • Be flexible. Know when to stay concealed and spot and when to unleash good burst damage.
  • Unlock the second equipment setup. Use Field Modification to prepare a loadout for spotting and another for causing damage to improve adaptability.

Earning Battle Pass Points

Battle Pass Core Vehicles earn more Battle Pass Points than other vehicles. The number of Points you receive after each battle will depend on your rank in the team results by XP earned. Even if your team loses or draws, you will still receive Battle Pass Points.

Your Rank in the Team Results by XP Earned Points for a Victory Points for a Defeat or Draw
Progetto M40 mod. 65 60TP Lewandowskiego AMX 13 105 Other Vehicles Progetto M40 mod. 65 60TP Lewandowskiego AMX 13 105 Other Vehicles
Top 3 10 8 9 7 8 6 7 5
Top 5 5 6 7 5 3 4 5 3
Top 10 5 6 5 5 3 4 3 3

Battle Pass Season IX is in full swing, and the three Core Vehicles are already flexing their might. Take advantage of our insights and tips to get the most out of the strong 60TP Lewandowskiego, the tactical Progetto M40 mod. 65, and the speedy AMX 13 105—and get ready to earn plenty of Battle Pass Points!

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