Inside the Tanks: The 1REC of the French Foreign Legion – The AMX 10 RC



In Episode One of Inside the Tanks, we were introduced to the French Foreign Legion's only cavalry regiment, the prestigious 1REC. We got to know the regiment's commanding officer, and even took a look at two iconic vehicles. In Episode Two, we get the rare opportunity to inspect a tank in active service and gain valuable insight from its serving crew.

Richard "The Challenger" Cutland spoke exclusively with Maréchal des logis-chef Blagovest about the AMX 10 RC he commands in the 1REC. This special reconnaissance vehicle boasts plenty of firepower in its 105-mm cannon and 7.62-mm machine guns, and its impressive dynamism is on full display in this in-depth overview.

Watch the video below to learn about this unique scout, see its powerful capabilities, and hear the interviewee's personal experience of operating the vehicle.

The video switches between English and French speakers. Turn on subtitles for your preferred language by clicking the CC icon in the bottom-right corner of the YouTube video.

About the French Foreign Legion & 1REC

The French Foreign Legion is an infantry, cavalry, engineer, and airborne corps within the French army that is made up of highly-trained foreign soldiers.

The 1REC is the cavalry (tank) wing of the famous Foreign Legion, and it is the Legion's only regiment specializing in armored combat. Since its formation in 1921, it has never been dissolved or renamed, making it the longest-existing French army branch in terms of continuity of service. The regiment of 900 service members has been stationed at Camp Carpiagne, a few kilometers from Marseille, since July 2014. There, they focus on the Mediterranean and significant international operations and conflicts.

They've served with the French Panhard EBR, AMX 13, and Hotchkiss H39, as well as the American M4 Sherman, M24 Chaffee, M3 Stuart, M10 Wolverine, and M8A1—many of which are available to play in World of Tanks right now!

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