Inside the Tanks: Episode 3 - The M60


Solid. Reliable. Adaptable. The American Cold War M60 is an excellent example of upgradable design and rugged dependability. Derived from as far back as the M26, and with over 15,000 models built, the M60 became America's most numerous Main Battle Tank during the Cold War. It was used by over 25 nations and is still rolling in Egypt, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia today. But how does it hold up against the British Chieftain and the German Leopard 1?

Join us for a quick history lesson with the third and final video in our new mini-series, produced exclusively for Tankfest 2022 and inspired by our previous "Inside the Tanks" historical video series. We open the commander's hatch and examine three of the world's most famous Cold War Main Battle Tanks: the Chieftain, the Leopard 1, and the M60.

British Army veteran and armored warfare instructor Richard "The Challenger" Cutland takes this full-blooded American for a spin around the track at The Tank Museum in Bovington. Take a look, and let us know what you think of the M60.

Richard "The Challenger" Cutland

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