Sherman Stories #1: Discover the Origin of These Legendary Machines


The legendary Shermans became one of the most recognizable tanks of the 20th century and are synonymous with Allied victory in Europe. Admired for their reliability, excellent maneuverability, and 75 mm armament, they also had the ability to support infantry advances, engage enemy positions, and withstand German Panzer IIIs and IVs, which meant that they were mass-produced in the thousands.

Join Richard "The Challenger" Cutland for a fun-filled history lesson as he delves into the archives and gets up close and personal with these historic vehicles at The Tank Museum in Bovington, U.K.

A trailer for the video was shown during Tankfest Online 2021. Check out the live stream on Twitch or YouTube if you missed the event.

Considered a vast step up from the M3 medium and M6 heavy, the new and improved M4 turned heads—and turrets—when it entered mass production in February 1942. Equipped with a cast turret and stabilized 75 mm gun, it quickly proved its worth later that year during the famous Battle of El Alamein.

Such was the demand for Shermans that many were assembled in locomotive and car-building factories to meet the pressures of production. Fresh and innovative techniques in manufacturing and development meant that several variations rolled out of factory doors throughout the war.

Stay tuned for the next installments of our Sherman Stories next week, featuring the Firefly, Fury, and Revalorisé.

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