Sherman Stories #4: The Stoic Post-War Revalorisé


The legacy of the legendary Sherman continued far beyond the end of the Second World War. Improved variations fought in the Middle East up until 1963 and continued to hold their own against more modern vehicles, including the Soviet T-62A. The great flexibility and simple design meant even variants like the M4A1 FL 10 were used extensively in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The most noticeable variant—available to play in World of Tanks—is the ferocious VIII M4A1 Revalorisé . A joint French-Israeli project, the tank features new suspension, a replaced engine, and a 75 mm gun hijacked from the AMX 13 inside a reworked turret, offering fantastic shell velocity and armored penetration.

Join Richard "The Challenger" Cutland as he guides you through the development process and takes a closer look at the beautifully restored historic vehicles at The Tank Museum in Bovington, U.K.

The video was also shown during Tankfest Online 2021. Check out the recording on Twitch or YouTube if you missed the event. Remember: There are also giveaway codes hidden in random videos, so keep a lookout!

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