The FV4005's Historic Revival: World of Tanks, The Tank Museum, and Mr. Hewes Unite!


You've probably seen the X FV4005 Stage II in the game. Perhaps you've even been unfortunate enough to take a round from its massive cannon. It's a monster, to be sure, and we have an exciting initiative to revive and restore the prototype.

World of Tanks has once again partnered with our friends at The Tank Museum, alongside the passionate restorer Mr. Hewes, to reinvigorate a monumental piece of tank prototype history: the FV4005. Based on a Centurion Mk. III chassis and fitted with a 183 mm L4 cannon, the FV4005 has the biggest direct-fire gun ever mounted on a tank.

Our collective mission is ambitious: to restore the FV4005 tank to running condition.

Crowdfunding Campaign for an Armored Titan

Here's where it gets intriguing. The Tank Museum currently houses the turret of the FV4005, which proudly stands as a gate guard, but it is on the incorrect chassis. Mr. Hewes is the proud custodian of the correct chassis, making this project the reunion of the original turret to a historically correct chassis, culminating in the rebirth of a legendary prototype.

But the journey to restoration isn't reserved solely for the titans of history and gaming. The Tank Museum is extending an invitation to aficionados and history enthusiasts globally to play their part in this grand endeavor. A crowdfunding campaign is set to launch with a vision of amassing £20,000. In a gesture magnifying its commitment, World of Tanks vows to match this amount with an equally generous donation of £20,000.

Fundraising Page

We recognize the anticipation surrounding this initiative, and we're committed to keeping you updated. Some details are still being streamlined—we'll have more information for you in the coming months.

Embark on this journey with us as we blend passion, history, and expertise to revive a masterpiece. Together, let's turn the pages of history!

Roll Out!

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