Fury Unleashed: The M4A3E8 Fury Charges Back Into Action!


While Hollywood fame may have popularized the VI M4A3E8 Fury , the "Easy Eight" is also renowned for playing an important role in the Allied victory at the end of World War II. As the British were making developments with the M4 Sherman (such as the Firefly), the Americans were also hard at work developing their own new-and-improved Sherman variant.

Like the British, the U.S. saw the significance of installing a new turret and gun to compete with the German Tiger I and Panther tanks. What emerged was the E8 variant, or "Easy Eight," immortalized in the award-winning 2014 film, Fury. In-game, the upgrade is reflected by a gun with excellent DPM and great handling, as well as an incredibly strong mantlet.

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M4A3E8 Fury Offers

Available from 2024-01-10 at 09:00:00 (UTC) through 2024-01-17 at 09:00:00 (UTC)

Sergeant War Daddy's variant of the Sherman tank saw its World of Tanks debut back in 2014 for the release of the blockbuster movie, Fury. The now-legendary VI M4A3E8 Fury did justice to its historic counterparts—a trio of M4 Shermans commanded by Sergeant Lafayette G. "War Daddy" Pool that destroyed 270 enemy vehicles in just 79 days—and became an icon in its own right.

In-game, the bulked-up M4A3E8 Sherman's 76 mm cannon delivers 2,090 HP of DPM. Moreover, it's ready for hull-down duels with 10 degrees of gun depression, and the 370 m view range helps keep an eye on the surroundings. The Fury also has aesthetics that match those of the vehicle in the film, and each bundle contains a certain amount of gold. See how it stacks up against its fellow M4A3E8 Sherman tanks!

M4A3E8 Fury
Bundle Contents:
100% trained crew
Garage slot
WoT Premium Account
×5 XP missions for the M4A3E8 Fury
Personal Reserves: +300% to Free & Crew XP for 1 h
In-Game Price
30 days

Sherman Stories: Fury

Join Richard "The Challenger" Cutland to learn more about the M4A3E8 Fury's development process, and take a closer look at the beautifully restored historic vehicles at The Tank Museum in Bovington, U.K.

Subtitles: The video has English, Polish, German, French, and Czech subtitles. Turn on subtitles for your preferred language by clicking the CC icon in the lower-right corner of the YouTube video.

Grab your legendary Sherman tank until 2024-01-17 at 09:00:00 (UTC) and put a movie—and history—star in your Garage!

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