No More Tracer Hacks

Recently modified game files providing in-game advantages to their users have been spread within WOT. These modifications affect shell tracer effects allowing to increase display time and change display colour which led to their being more visible. Modifying game files is subject to punishment according to EULA (Except as otherwise expressly permitted by applicable law, any reproduction, distribution, modification, retransmission, publication, or other use or exploitation of the games, the Website and/or any of the materials (or any portion or derivative of any such items), directly or indirectly, is strictly prohibited unless the written consent of the applicable copyright owner or relevant sublicensor (if any) is first obtained). The severity of punishment depends on seriousness and frequency of violations. The heaviest punishment – permanent account ban – may be given to breakers.

Obviously this feature assured relative combat advantage to its users over those who do not possess one. To avoid the negative gameplay effect of this hack and stop the exclusion among tankers, WOT development team has arrived at a conclusion to disable shell tracer effects until the proper protection level is introduced.

This is a temporary measure and shell tracer effects are going to be reintroduced with the upcoming v.0.6.5 update, which is to go live in the end of June – beginning of July.

World of Tanks development team

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