Achievement System


The new Achievement System is designed to help our dedicated players effectively monitor their in-game progress and establish clear objectives. From tracking vehicle types and nations to documenting customizations and rare trophies, it's your key to unlocking tanking greatness! 

You can view all your Achievements on a special screen within the SERVICE RECORD tab in your Garage. 

Each Achievement Point earned contributes to your overall Achievement Score. This allows you to assess your success and compare it with fellow tankers.

Achievement Categories

Initially focusing on vehicles—a core aspect of the game—and customization elements, the system categorizes Achievements into various sections.

Total Vehicle Count

Records all your vehicles, including researchable, Premium, reward, and collectible types.

  • Tech Tree vehicles count toward Achievements as soon as you research them, while Premium, special, and collectible vehicles are only counted when they are on your account.
  • You obtain Achievements for collecting different vehicle types: light, medium, and heavy tanks, SPGs, and tank destroyers.
  • Reward vehicles for completing Operations in Personal Missions campaigns (such as Excalibur, Chimera, etc.) are counted toward Achievements as well.

Vehicle Nation

Tracks your progress in researching vehicles from different nations.

You can obtain two unique Achievements for each nation's vehicles from Tier I to Tier V. For  vehicles of Tier VI and above, personalized Achievements collected in branches are awarded.


You earn Achievements while collecting 2D/3D styles and progressive decals.

This section logs all 2D styles on your account, including duplicates, while only unique 3D styles are documented.


This special category of Achievements highlights rare and valuable vehicles from memorable moments, events, rewards, and progressions that are no longer available but hold significant importance:

These vehicles contribute to your Total Vehicle Count, but any Achievements earned for them do not contribute to your Achievement Score, meaning you won't receive Achievement Points for them.

Trophies are only counted when related tanks are on your account and ready for battle.

Achievement Rewards

As you progress through the Total Vehicle Count milestones, you'll unlock exclusive animated Dog Tags. These stylish items will impress fellow Commanders and showcase your dedication to the game.

The ultimate Dog Tag, "Supreme Commander," awarded for reaching a 450-vehicle count, will also be visible to your teammates at the start of battle.