Watch out for Scammers

Some of you may have experienced or witnessed scamming while playing the game. Someone tricking another person into giving something of theirs away by promising something, or lying about what they can give in return.
Here you can learn how to spot scamming, and ways to protect yourself from it.

How to Spot Scammers

Here are some of the ways that scammers try to steal from other players:

  • Sell Premium vehicles and gold at greatly discounted rates via third-party websites. Often those vehicles offered have been discontinued, or are unavailable in the Premium Shop, or can be bought only with in-game currency.
  • Ask you to click on a link to receive seemingly valuable information or vote for something.
  • Offer bonus code generators under the guise of disgruntled WG employees.
  • Ask for your credentials by pretending to be a WG employee or moderator, to check your account and/or credit goodies in your account.
  • Advertise and distribute programs that promise to give you gold or upgrades in two clicks by downloading their special software.
  • Goad you into clicking on a link to watch a replay where you allegedly violated the rules.
  • Send a link that looks remarkably like an official Wargaming site, but the address will be slightly different, for example, not “” but “” or slight misspellings like “”.
  • Ask you to share your login and password to upgrade your account by a more experienced player.
  • Offer to buy or sell a World of Tanks account.

How to Avoid Being Scammed

Be careful to avoid dealing with doubtful suggestions from self-proclaimed mediators and suspicious wheeler-dealers as described above.

We advise you to read this information carefully, specifically created to protect players’ personal details and account:

  • Wargaming representatives will never ask for confidential information via the in-game chat. We don’t need your email or password to credit gold or vehicles to your account.
  • Wargaming will never send information about upcoming deals or events with prizes and discounts via the in-game chat. All game events and deals are only published on our Official Website.
  • The only official place to buy gold and other special items, outside of the game client, is the Wargaming Premium Shop.
  • Never give out your login details to third parties. Purchasing/selling/giving away game accounts is prohibited according to our End User License Agreement. Violation of the stated rules leads to account punishment and banning.
  • If you won a prize, carefully read the terms and conditions – ways to receive the said prize and possible contacts of the event organizers. Any other messages from unknown players who offer to send you the prize is a scam.
  • Another way used by cheaters is the active advertising and distribution of programs that promise to give you gold or upgrades in two clicks by downloading their special software. Fraudulent malware can provide unauthorized access to your account in a few seconds. Plus, such websites could infect your PC with even more kinds of malicious programs that give someone access to your information.
  • Pay attention to your address bar and make sure links are pointed to real Wargaming sites. In order to steal your confidential information, thieves create phishing sites to fool you into submitting your login details. Activating phishing filters and other security features of your web browser will help you to leave would-be fishermen high and dry. When attempting to open such a web site, your browser will notify you that this site is fake and prevent it from loading.
  • Downloading and installing mods from third party sites may lead to your account being banned. Verified mods can be downloaded only from our website
  • There is no such thing as bonus code generators. Bonus codes can only be received from official Wargaming representatives. You can find bonus codes inside publications, receive them during various exhibitions or special events held by

What to Do if You Suspect a Scam

If you suspect a scam is in play, inform our Support Team. Your information may help to prevent similar occurrences and make the game safer.