Map Guide: Redshire

This map is truly unique. The green fields interspersed with rolling hills offer great opportunities for aggressive attacks. The river running through the middle of the map is more of a guiding landmark than a real obstacle.

Please note that this guide does not account for any map changes or adjustments made after Update 1.20 (February 2023). While it is generally applicable, some tips, tricks, and guidelines may no longer be accurate.


Watch the Map Guide video and read all about the Redshire map to discover useful tips and tricks for every vehicle class, insider strategies, and more.

Redshire is a very open map, which makes it hard to master and not the most popular battlefield, especially among beginners. Luckily, we have some useful tips to help you turn the tides of battle and claim victory on this summer map for Tier V–X vehicles.

Map Overview

Interactive image. Hover the cursor over the icons on the minimap to view additional information.

A highly popular and often contested position for light, medium, and tank destroyers on both teams.

A sneaky middle position for passive spotting.

A risky but rewarding sniper position for vehicles with good accuracy and camouflage values.

A hidden-away ambush position for TDs or mediums with excellent camouflage.

A hidden-away ambush position for TDs or mediums with excellent camouflage.

Light Tanks
Medium Tanks
Heavy Tanks
Tank Destroyers
Self-Propelled Guns

Check out the map above to see the most favorable positions for every class and helpful points of interest for gaining the upper hand.

  • Open wide: Redshire offers plenty of opportunities for swift vehicles to shine. Roam around and use hills and valleys to your advantage. Or take cover behind trees and foliage to ambush unsuspecting enemies.
  • Keys to the castle: The castle area around squares E1 and F1 is an important position that offers good side-scraping opportunities for sturdy medium and heavy tanks.
  • In the valley below: The area around the crashed Zeppelin at E9/0 and F9/0 can be used for close-combat brawls by heavy tanks and hull-down gameplay by mediums.
  • Stuck in the middle: The hill line at 4 and 5 offers great spots for vehicles with a good view range and gun depression. Take a position and provide intel for your team, support the castle in the west, or spot advancements in the east valley.

Class Strategies

  • Light Tanks
  • Medium Tanks
  • Heavy Tanks
  • Tank Destroyers
  • SPGs
  • Use your speed and mobility to your advantage and control the center by diving in and out of cover. Or provide intel from well-camouflaged positions, such as the tree at E3.
  • Daredevils with lots of guts and even more speed can go on spotting runs between the central road and the river bank around D7.
  • Work with the light tanks on your team. Let them provide vital intel while you position yourself behind to pick off advancing enemies.
  • Redshire is a very open map with lots of opportunities for medium tanks to roam around and prepare ambushes.
  • Alternatively, use your mobility and gun depression to take over hull-down positions and support the heavy line in the valley around the Zeppelin.
  • The two major flanks to control are the area around the crashed Zeppelin (E9/0 and F9/0) and the castle (E1 and F1). Position yourself in areas where you can block enemy advances, but watch out for crossfire from the middle.
  • Your thick armor and strong turrets are an advantage in close-combat brawls on either side of the map, but the middle should be mostly avoided.
  • The hills at C4/5 or G4/5 offer good places to set up and take shots from a distance.
  • Use your gun depression to your advantage by finding elevated positions where you can shoot at enemies who will have a hard time retaliating.
  • Keep an eye on the minimap and fall back if one of the heavy flanks collapses. Redshire offers potent fallback positions behind the bases, enabling both teams to make a valiant last stand and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.
  • The A and K lines offer plenty of positions for shooting into the middle.
  • Provide fire support for your team into the castle (from A2 or K2) or the Zeppelin area (from A8 or K8).

With these tips and tricks in mind, you'll be well on your way to success on the Redshire map.

Find your path to victory and roll out!