Onslaught is World of Tanks’ competitive game mode and offers thrilling 7v7 matches in Tier X vehicles against opponents of similar ranks. In Onslaught mode, get ready for two reward lines featuring unique customizations for Rank progression and mountains of in-game rewards for victories.

The mode features a pre-battle lobby to change team composition before the pre-battle countdown, unique vehicle and tactical skills to gain an advantage in battle, and a rank-based matchmaking system. Roll out, collect Rating Points to climb through six ranks, earn progressive rewards, and claim your spot among the best.

While climbing through the ranks you will recieve unique customization elements for your vehicles as a reward: progressive styles, emblemsunique inscriptions and badges. Apart from that, you will also be able to claim valuable in-game resources by winning battles in the mode: bonds, credits, days of WoT Premium Account and more.

Go to the game client to learn more about the mode rules.